Fellowship Academy Admissions Process


 Admission into Fellowship Academy is based upon a step by step process leading toward enrollment:

  • Attend an Information Meeting: These meetings introduce you to the values and expectations of the school, as well as the University Model. All meetings are located at Fellowship Church  and begin at 7:00pm.  These meeting for the spring of 2019 wil be on Feb 21 and May2. If you wish to meet before that you may request a private tour.

  • Private Informational Tour- If you would prefer a private tour please contact me at Shannon@FellowshipLH.org to set one up.  I will cover the same information on the tour that you would get at the information meeting. 

  • Pray:  The decision to attend Fellowship Academy or another educational institution should be bathed in prayer.  We want families and kids to feel that the Lord is leading them to partner with Fellowship Academy, so prayer is essential to that end.

  • Fill out our application: This can be done only after attending an information meeting.  The application will be supplied to families at the information meeting.  Once we receive the completed application, we will request records from the previous school to continue the enrollment process.

  • Placement Testing:  Each student in 1st through 5th  grade takes a placement test in English and Math to assess their current level of mastery. Placement testing can be completed before submitting an application.

  • Family Interview: The prospective family meets with representatives of existing Fellowship Academy families for discussion of school model and fit with the family. Parents and students applying are required to be in attendance, but the whole family is welcome to attend.

  • Enrollment:  Requesting classes and enrollment as an official Fellowship Academy student!