Homeschool Fellowship

Fellowship Academy wants to support the homeschooler in the area to be the best parents and educators they can be.  We offer middle school courses and electives to homeschool families.  Families can take the few courses they want to supplement their homeschool program without being a full-time student of Fellowship Academy.  These students will be invited to all school wide events such as field trips, performances and holiday parties. 

These courses offered for the 2019-2020 school year are:

                                                Core Courses                                                             Elective Courses

                                                      6th Grade English                                                          Art 1 -Elementary
                                                      6th Grade History                                                          Art 2 – Middle School
                                                      6th Grade Math                                                             Design
                                                      6th Grade Science                                                         Group Band
                                                      6th Grade Bible                                                              Private Lesson Band
                                                      7th Grade English                                                          P.E. Elementary
                                                      7th Grade History                                                          P.E. Middle School
                                                      7th Grade Math                                                             Performing Arts
                                                      7th Grade Science                                                         World Languages
                                                      7th Grade Bible                                                              Computer Programing

Information about the electives can be found in the Back To School Section.