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Tour and Apply

Come to an informational meeting or take a private tour of the school.  Complete an application and turn in.

Schedule a Family Interview


This is an opportunity for parents and teachers to get to know each other better and determine if the school is a good fit of all. 


a Day of

When school is in session, your student may attend for 1 day to get a feel for life at Fellowship Academy.


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Open Enrollment

Feb.1-May 31

Early enrollment allows you to tour the school during the school year.  Get a feel for the classrooms, teachers and daily life.


Feb1-May 31

Re-enrollment guarantees your student's spot for the next year.  It also allows you to pick electives early.

Late Enrollment

May 31- July 31

Late enrollment fee $50.

Any enrollment after May 31st will be for open spots in existing classrooms.

First Payment Due

August 1st

Whether you pay yearly, by the semester or monthly, all first payments are due August 1st.

Get in touch

Homeschool Fellowship

  • Fellowship Academy supports home school families.

  • ​Home school students may take elective courses from Fellowship Academy.

  • ​Homeschool students can also sign up for individual core classes.

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